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You may have ridden a motorbike but did you ever drive a flying bike? Well BMW is now working on a flying bike which would change the future trend of the vehicles. BMW and Lego teamed up for developing a Lego Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure which is based on MBW motorbike model. This BMW R1200 GS would definitely rule the roads in the future. The engineers of BMW and Lego are striving to bring the Hover Ride Design concept into life.

This new flying bike of BMW is beyond your imaginations as BMW is making the Hover design concept with Lego with the BMW’s top motorbike R 1200 GS. It may take a while for hover bike of BMW to reach the markets as plenty of more work and design is still pending.  BMW stated that it is done with lot of creativity and energy to produce the first ever hover bike.

BMW and Lego jointly developing the hover bike by mixing their designers, element designs and the BMW’s training team has encouraged them because it gives opportunities for the trainees to work on cross-platform departments on various projects. As of now the engineers have developed the hover design including a propeller and this is not the complete design of the BMW flying bike R 1200 GS.

BMW head mentioned that the design of the bike s outstanding it is very unique in the concept and design. Lego elements are brilliant and they have done a lot to bring this concept into live and this is how we drive motor bikes in future. The BMW hover bike includes the boxer engine and also the characteristic GS silhouette. Various members of different departments have been working together on this spectacular project.

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However whether it would get the permission from the road transport organizations is yet to be known and it may take a while for availability in the markets. This new Hover bike of BMW is the next level bike in the motorbike industry and would change future of driving a bike. More updates of the BMW flying bike R 1200 GS adventure are yet to be announced by BMW. Stay tuned to for more updates about the BMW hover bike.

Tourism Hua Hin – Hua Hin travel getting there and away

Do you like relaxing holidays, or maybe your like activities? As long as you like it sunny and warm, Hua Hin, Thailand is a great place to visit.

About 100 years ago Thai people started to visit Hua Hin for the purpose of holidays and recovery. The king of Thailand built himself a nice holiday home on a great beach front property there, and the place became well known to Thai people as a place for relaxation and holidays. Hua Hin is located less than 3 hours by car from Bangkok, so it is very easy to get there.

The small city has almost 10 kilometres of white sand beach with activities like horse riding and kiteboarding. Some people claim that it is one of the best places in the world for kiting. bangkok to hua hin is very quiet and peaceful, probably because o the king. His majesty has now moved to the city and stays there most of his time.

The nightlife is very restricted and it is not even close to places like Bangkok or Pattaya. The nightlife is mostly located in one small narrow street in the city, but the places is crowded with nice restaurants everywhere. Many of the restaurants offers great western food, but most of them serve thai food only. Everybody who visits Thailand should try out thai food, but a great advice would be to stay away from the most spicy dishes.

For the person who enjoys relaxing holidays at the beach, the place is perfect. The beaches are not too crowded with people and that makes it a great place to relax. For the ones who need a relaxing oil massage there are lots of possibilities at the beach, and in almost every street in the area.

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